Observations on Harian Metro from what I gather from The Star

If you are a loyal reader of the 'Nation' section in thestar.com.my, you might notice that they have section called 'Other News & Views' which quotes news and views from other dailies.

If you've been reading that section, I wonder if you have noticed that The Star always seems to be highlighting sex-related news by Harian Metro.

Is Harian Metro crazy about sex or is The Star crazy about highlighting the sex-related news highlighted by Harian Metro? And of course, we readers greedily consume it all.

Here's a simple observation:
  • I decided to observe what The Star gathers from Harian Metro from last month till today (3rd June).
  • There are 34 days from May 1st 2010 - June 3rd 2010.
  • Out of the 34 days, there are 5 Sundays which The Star does not have a "Other News & Views" column.
  • Out of the 29 days with the "Other News & Views" column, Harian Metro was quoted in 25 days.
  • Out of the 25 days which Harian Metro was quoted, sex-related news were quoted in 16 of those days.
  • Translation: 64% of the news quoted by The Star from Harian Metro are related to sex.

If what The Star gathers from Harian Metro is reflective of its 'genre', then I suppose Harian Metro is an excellent source for sex-related news.

Happy reading =)

Cabbie who raped passengers nabbed

A TAXI driver preyed on young female passengers, taking them on joy rides before forcing them into his house in Taman Muda, Ampang, and raping them, Harian Metro reported.

So far, five girls have fallen victim to the man, who kept recordings of each sexual assault on his handphone and had threatened to circulate them if the girls go to the police.

Two, however, lodged police reports while the others decided not to, the daily reported.

The paper quoted a police source as saying that investigations revealed that the 45-year-old suspect used fake registration plate numbers, which he changed each time after a rape.

Apparently, the man had been doing this for years. One of his victims was a friend’s daughter, who was allegedly raped last year and subsequently harassed by him constantly.

The 15-year-old, who could no longer tolerate his behaviour, told her sister about the rape before lodging a report last Saturday.

An Ampang district police team tracked down the man and arrested him at 9pm on Tuesday in Jalan Imbi.

Two bomohs held for molesting teens

TWO perverted bomohs are said to have molested a male and a female teenager in separate incidents, reported Harian Metro.

In the first incident, a bomoh in Ampang molested a 19-year-old boy who went to his house to pick up medication for his father.

The boy was told that his father’s ailment could be cured through his body. The bomoh then asked the teenager to remove his clothes before “measuring” his body.

Quoting police sources, the report stated that the bomoh then placed the teenager’s private part next his ears and started acting disgustingly.

However, before the bomoh could go further, the victim ran out of the house and later lodged a police report. The 39-year-old suspect was later arrested, the daily said.

In the second report, Harian Metro carried the story of a bomoh in Terengganu who rubbed his face against a girl’s private part as part of his “treatment.”

According to the daily, the 17-year-old girl went to see the bomoh to seek treatment for her boyfriend who had nerve problems. The bomoh told her not to wear any underwear and to prepare two bottles of water when he visited her at home.

Acting Terengganu CID chief Supt K. Manoharan said that the bomoh then molested the girl. The bomoh was arrested after she complained to her school facilitator and lodged a police report.

> A senior civil servant is under police probe following allegations that he sought sexual favours from a foodstall operator in exchange for a shophouse.

Quoting sources, Harian Metro said the woman in Malacca needed the place to start her business, so she agreed to the man’s request for sex.

The woman later discovered she was pregnant.

“When the government official found out, he pressured the woman to have an abortion,” the source said.

However, the woman refused.

Teen girls who gave sex for RM5 or syabu

THREE teenage girls confessed that they were willing to have sex with men for as little as RM5 or some syabu, reported Metro Ahad.

Alin, a 17-year-old Johorean confessed to the Malay daily that she had been involved in this sexual activity since she was 16.

“At first, I was only sleeping with my boyfriend. Then he told his friends about me and I became popular among his friends,” Alin said.

“One guy would act as a ‘pimp’ to gather all the schoolmates who want to sleep with me. I charged RM5 per person.”

“I have ‘serviced’ six men in one go at the most. With the RM30, I bought a prepaid card and saved up to buy a new phone,” added Alin.

Alin became addicted to sex and would frequently play truant to go to a friend’s house for sex.

In two years she had slept with over 30 men.

“During that period, I was pregnant once but with the help of a friend I had an abortion,” said Alin.

Even though Alin admitted she was aware of the risks, she did not want to think too much about her actions as she just wanted to have fun.

Now, she has vowed to turn over a new leaf.

“Despite my troubles, I’m determined to sit for my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). I also want to change for my mother,” said Alin.

Two other teenage girls in Sabah were also involved in similar sexual activities.

Nurul and Lina, both 16, would offer sex for syabu as they could not afford to buy it.

“I would sleep with anyone as long as I’m given syabu,” said Nurul.

Lina, on the other hand, said that she did not mind trading sex for syabu as the most important thing was that she had fun.

It's Sunday. No 'Other News & Views' column

Lombok men run off with girls to prove masculinity

AN INDONESIAN has claimed that his countrymen enticed Malaysian girls to elope with them to Lombok as proof of their masculinity.

Novian Arif, 40, from Lombok, told Harian Metro that men on the island adhered to a local tradition, in which they would run off with the women they wanted to marry.

However, according to their tradition, those who married underage girls would face a death sentence.

“It’s a fact that men from Lombok are always enticing women away from their homes in order to marry them.

“The tradition states that Lombok men will ask for the girl’s hand from her family first. If her family refuses, we will snatch her away.

“This behaviour embodies the masculinity of the Sasak clan.

“The death sentence for marrying underage girls was abolished after the Indonesian authorities banned it,” he told the paper.

Novian was commenting on news reports of Malaysian girls who were “snatched” by Lombok men to be married in Indonesia.

The article said six local women were married in Indonesia in the past two years.

Nothing sexual by Harian Metro. A TV news presenter was attacked by her lover’s wife and his mother-in-law.

Nothing sexual by Harian Metro. A 13 y.o. boy punched his teacher's face.

Teens pop sex stimulants for ‘performance’

TEENAGERS are resorting to popping sex stimulant pills to enhance their “performance”, reported Harian Metro.

One youth, who admitted to taking the drug Nospan, said besides helping him forget his family problems, the substance had enhanced his “sexual prowess.”

“The drug can be bought at only 50 sen per pill. To get more ‘power’, I sometimes take as many as ten pills at one go,” revealed the 18-year-old known only as Agip.

He said the pill was popular among troubled teens who wanted to “have fun” for a few hours.

“Normally, the pill is taken with a carbonated drink in order to increase the effect, which can be felt within 10 minutes.

“It’s very difficult to describe the feeling of being high on drugs, but one’s imagination becomes very vivid and real,” he told the tabloid.

Although Nospan, which contains the substance Dextromethorphan, is usually prescribed as cough medicine, huge doses of it can cause hallucination.

The teenager also revealed that the pill was so effective as a stimulant that many of his friends who took it eventually went “all the way”.

The tabloid said the usage of psychotropic substances was increasingly widespread among youths.

There are rape news but not by Harian Metro.

Harian Metro not quoted.

It's Sunday. No 'Other News & Views' column

Massage centres offering gay sex raided

AUTHORITIES raided two massage centres offering gay sex to male clients in Kuala Lumpur, reported Harian Metro.

According to the tabloid, the walls of the centres were plastered with pictures of male masseurs available to serve the clients.

A masseur at one of the premises, who went by the name of Farid, claimed he only offered body massages to customers since he joined the centre a year ago.

However, the 22-year-old, well-built man from the east coast, could not explain when asked about the packets of condoms found at the centre at Taman Miharja in Cheras.

Police also detained 25 male clients during the raid at the centres, which were equipped with closed-circuit television cameras and had thick front doors.

It was learnt that the clients were only admitted into the centres after giving a password.

Nothing sexual by Harian Metro. Student conned of RM1200 by bomoh who gave her seahorse potion for beautiful voice.

> Harian Metro reported of a Pakistani gigolo who “exhausted” his victim with sex before robbing her.

According to a police source, the victim, who works in a karaoke centre in Kuala Lumpur, met a 30-something man named Sheikh.

“The woman fell for his charms and asked him to follow her home. Before they had sex, he persuaded her to remove the necklace she was wearing. She placed the piece of jewellery in a drawer.”

The newspaper quoted the police source as saying that the woman was given “special treatment” by the suspect that was meant to wear her out.

After the vigorous sex session, the suspect persuaded her to get some sleep, but the woman, a light sleeper, saw him opening the drawer to take her necklace and handphone.

“She tried to stop him but he ran off,” he said.

> Harian Metro reported that a 55-year-old businessman in Sungai Abong, Muar, has taken advantage of women convicted of khalwat (close proximity) by marrying them after offering to pay their fines.

To date, two women aged 25 and 32 have become “victims” of the man.

One of the women was quoted by the daily as saying that she turned to the man who offered to help pay the RM3,000 fine after her partner who was also convicted of khalwat left her in the lurch.

Unable to come up with the money and fearing that she could end up in jail for two years, she accepted the businessman’s offer that came with a condition that she had to marry him.

She is now happily married as the man’s second wife for two years but the man has taken a third wife.

Man assaults girlfriend over alleged affair
Other News & View

SUSPECTING his girlfriend was having an affair, a man allegedly assaulted the 23-year-old with a steering lock and belt while they were in a car, reported Harian Metro.

Police sources said the assault continued in the woman’s house after he sent her home.

The man even threatened to slash his girlfriend’s hands with a knife in the Wednesday incident at 6pm in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

The attack allegedly started after the man questioned the girlfriend about her suspected affair.

Each time he was not satifisfied with her answers, he hit her.

He attacked his girlfriend with a knife in her house, punched her in the abdomen and pushed her against the wall.

He then warned her not to lodge a police report.

The daily also highlighted a report on another man who allegedly hit his wife after she found out that he had brought his lover home.

In the Thursday incident, the woman rushed back to her apartment when she got a tip off that her husband had brought his lover home.

A fight broke out between the husband and wife.

Her husband then hit his wife on the head and kicked her until she fell to the ground.

The victim later lodged a police report over the incident.

In another incident, a jealous husband bit his wife’s hand and punched her in the forehead in Pandan Indah last Tuesday because she went out with her friends.

He had earlier attempted to grab her handphone because he suspected she was having an affair with another man.

The victim lodged a police report and her 24-year-old husband was detained.

Nothing sexual by Harian Metro. Two women and a man who claimed they took drugs to enjoy clubbing for as long as possible, including for up to more than 24 hours.

It's Sunday. No 'Other News & Views' column

Nothing sexual by Harian Metro. Amy Search denies embezzlement.

Nothing sexual by Harian Metro. Comedian hit on face after row with director

Harian Metro not quoted.

Gays put themselves out on social media sites

GAYS are using social networking websites such as Facebook to look for sex partners, reported Harian Metro.

The gay community reportedly use the sites to “advertise” their availability through groups such as Persatuan Gay Malaysia Kebangsaan (National Gay Association of Malaysia), Malaysian Gay and Gay African in Malaysia.

Some homosexual men even put up their mobile phone numbers, hoping to establish contacts with people with a similar sexual orientation.

The Facebook site for the groups also has links to other websites, where the main topics revolve around sex parties, gay groups in Kuala Lumpur, gay universities and even a gay vacation to Pulau Redang.

The newspaper quoted Pertubuhan Ke bajikan Sahabat Insan Malaysia (Sidim) chairperson Mohamed Hanafiah Abdul Malek urging the homosexual society to repent.

Lorry driver claims masseuse nearly ‘molested’ him

A LORRY driver claimed he was “almost molested” by a masseuse in Bedong, Kedah, recently, Harian Metro reported.

The man in his 40s, known as Mail, said his friend introduced him to the services of the single mother who conducted her business from home.

He said the woman in her 50s would conduct her massages in a room while her children were in the living room.

“I was told to come for massages three days in a row with each session costing RM30,” he said.

He suspected something was amiss when on the second day, the woman started massaging his private parts.

“She suddenly lifted my sarong and climbed on top of me. What is more shocking is that she wasn’t wearing any underwear,” he said.

Shocked by the woman’s actions Mail immediately shoved her away, causing her to fall. He put on his clothes and ran out of the house.

“I am angry at the woman’s action as she had tried to take advantage of her customers. She should have just provided massage services, not sex,” he said.

Mail did not return for his third day appointment.

“A friend told me that the woman only gave massages to men and she had been doing this for years. She is also reputedly very popular with men,” he said.

Pupils caught committing sexual acts
Other News & View

THREE primary school pupils in Malacca were caught “imitating” sexual acts in their classroom, reported Metro Ahad.

More shockingly, the Year Three boys are now under suspicion of performing sexual acts with one of their female classmates.

Their exploits came to light on Thursday after a teacher, who happened to pass by their classroom after school, became suspicious on noticing the ceiling fan switched on despite the closed doors and windows.

The newspaper quoted a source as saying that the pupils suddenly dashed out before the teacher could inspect the classroom.

“The female teacher reported the matter to the headmaster, who advised the parents of the girl to take her for a medical check-up.

“The check-up revealed old tears in the girl’s private parts,” said the source.

Malacca police chief Datuk Mohd Rodwan Mohd Yusof said investigations were being carried out under Section 376 of the Penal Code.

The boys are now on police bail.

It's Sunday. No 'Other News & Views' column

Two fall for bomoh’s virginity ‘restoration’ con

TWO 19-year-old girls who wanted to restore their virginity ended up being tricked into having sex with the bomoh — at the same time.

Harian Metro reported that the girls were introduced to the bomoh, who is also 19, by a friend in Johor Baru recently.

The bomoh, who called himself Tok Muda, claimed he could tell if a woman was still a virgin and that he could also restore lost virginity.

A source told the paper that the girls expressed interest in the bomoh’s service.

They later met him at a holiday resort where they were told to undress.

“The bomoh then told them that they could get their virginity restored if they both had sex together with him.

“The girls initially refused.

“But the bomoh threatened to distribute pictures of them undressing that he had taken earlier,” the source added.

The girls lodged a police report later after they realised that they had been cheated.

Ledang OCPD Supt Harun Idris confirmed the incident.

He said the suspect had been arrested in Johor Baru.

He added that a RM900 gold chain, which the suspect had taken from one of the girls as travelling expenses, was also recovered.

Vice rings pimping tomboys to customers in their 50’s

TOMBOYS are fast becoming the choice offerings of syndicates operating cheap prostitution services to cater to “customers” in their 50s, Harian Metro reported.

Many tomboys, it said, often seen in the Chow Kit area, were constantly approached by pimps who offered them jobs as prostitutes.

“Normally, the pimps will approach them and ask them if they were interested in ‘selling gold’,” the daily said, adding the prospective clients were usually already holed up in hotels nearby.

A tomboy, who wanted to be identified as Man, said she was shocked when she was approached by pimps.

“I did not know what ‘gold’ meant at first but when the pimp asked if I wanted to ‘sell my body’, I understood that it meant private parts,” she was quoted as saying.

Man said she once asked why these clients preferred masculine-looking women and was told they reasoned that the risk of contracting HIV was lower if they had sex with tomboys, rather than prostitutes who had many clients.

“At their age, they are very bored with women who are feminine and prefer more violent sex acts,” she said.

Punches fly in wife-girlfriend catfight at hospital
Other News & View

A 46-year-old housewife and her husband’s girlfriend got into a scuffle in front of patients at the ward of a private hospital in Subang Jaya, reported Harian Metro.

In the 9.45pm incident on Tuesday, the 51-year-old husband had brought his girlfriend, who is in her 30s, to see a relative being treated at the hospital but ran into his wife, who was visiting at the same time.

Police sources said the man, who is retired from the army, has had other affairs before.

“Overcome by anger, the wife then began scolding the girlfriend.

“The two women not only shouted at each other but threw punches and were pulling at each other’s hair,” said the sources.

It is understood that during the fight, the man hit the wife in the face with her shoe, causing her to bleed.

The wife received two stitches for her facial wound and later lodged a police report.

The Malay tabloid also highlighted a case in Bertam Ulu, Malacca, in which a man savagely mutilated his wife’s private part with a knife after hearing “voices” telling him that she was having an affair.

The husband, an army sergeant, attacked the woman while she was cooking at around 10am on Tues day.

The wife, who is a nurse, was in pain and bleeding for 30 minutes in front of their four-year-old child before she was sent in an ambulance to hospital.

She received more than nine stitches to her private part at the hospital.

The man, who did not resist when authorities came to the house, had offered to send her to hospital but she refused.

Speaking to reporters, the nurse said she had noticed her husband behaving strangely and that last week, he had tried to strangle her twice

Nothing sexual by Harian Metro. 60-year-old man left his family to follow his 30-year-old lover back to Indonesia.

Nothing sexual by Harian Metro. Salon girls beaten and locked in storeroom by robbers

Harian Metro not quoted.

It's Sunday. No 'Other News & Views' column

Nothing sexual by Harian Metro. A woman got cheated into buying fake herbal products while on holiday in China.

PS: This is an observation only on Harian Metro based on what The Star quotes from them. Feel free to observe other dailies and share its outcomes ;)

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