Why women love George Clooney (and no, it's nothing to do with his looks - it's because he's the ultimate Monotone Man)

Men with monotone voices who worry that they send the opposite sex to sleep as soon as they open their mouths need not despair.

Experts now believe that many women associate a steady, measured tone with confidence and power.

A study carried out at universities in California and Pennsylvania found that men whose frequency of voice varied the least reported the most sexual relationships.

Another factor was their use of strong, dominant language.

The academics said that Hollywood actors such as George Clooney and Clint Eastwood were examples of monotone men.

Researchers measured men’s voices in different situations, including a simulated dating game, and analysed the results alongside their sexual success.

They found that fundamental frequency variation – the amount the pitch of the voice changes – showed a ‘strong’ direct link to the number of sexual partners the men had in the past year.
The theory is that the monotone voice has evolved as a sign of power, independence and dominance. While anxiety or fear triggers a rise in vocal frequency, aggression often causes it to deepen. The constant frequency found in monotone men’s voices, however, suggests they are in control of a situation.

Professor David Puts, who led the research at Pennsylvania State University, said: ‘The power would be attractive, not the voice as such.

‘It appears that the women are preferring males who are higher in status. It would be the status they would be most interested in.’

The use of masculine language was also important, according to the study of more than 200 men and women published in the Archives Of Sexual Behaviour journal.

Men who used expressions such as ‘I am bigger and stronger than most men’ scored more highly in the tests.

The researchers said: ‘Our results suggest that both the words that men use and the way that they say them influence sexual success.’

Source: Mail Online

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