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The name is Ecco Cafe. Ecco is a brand name of a popular chocolate drink in Italy, some sort like Milo for fellow Malaysians! That was what we got after chatting with a friendly Caucasian lady who served us.

Since I learned about this place from my friend, I was excited to try. Located along the busy Chulia Street, Ecco Cafe is tucked among the pre-war shop houses opposite the turning into Cintra Street. We did not catch Ecco Cafe at first glance, but as we stood still at T-juction where Cintra Street meets Chulia Street, the shop is just slightly opposite with Ecco Cafe wordings printed on a maroon blind at its facade!

As we entered, Ecco Cafe was arranged in a casual and neat atmosphere with back-packer style of setting. The menu offers relatively a huge range of selection from pasta, baked sandwiches, pizza, salad, snacks and brunch set meals.

Being at an Italian cafe, we couldn't help to try the pizza. We picked one Hawaiian Pizza. As stated in the menu, all the pizzas are 10 inches with cheese, tomato sauce and a handmade crust. I simply love the thin and crispy crust, perfectly baked with turkey ham, olives, capsicum, onion and pineapple!

Second delicacy that came to our mind is pasta. After reading the recommendation from a couple of food articles in the cafe, we asked for Truz. It is a fresh and hand made pasta with Cajun spiced chicken and banana in cream sauce. The taste is a mixed of everything from savory, creamy and even sweetness from the slices of banana. Yummy!

The last but not least, we picked Chicken Pot Pie from Chef Special. The pot contains chicken, green pea, carrot and potato cubes in savoury cream sauce. They are baked with a thin pie crust cover and served with toasted bread and fresh salad.

Merely staring at these pictures, they make me drooling again!

Since I asked for permission to shoot photograph, we were also offered a tour to snap the Chef's Kitchen. Indeed a lovely place to work and that's explain the great taste of what we have had!

Ecco Cafe is certainly a place I would love to dine again and again!

Ecco Cafe
402 Chulia Street,
George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60-4-2623178
Business Hours: Open daily except Sunday from 11:30am to 2:30pm and 6:00pm to 10:30pm
Recommendation: 4/5
Location: Courtesy of Google Map, please click and zoom in: Ecco Cafe

Source: My Wise Wife

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